Ingredients Make Up The Most Of A Product

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Ingredients Make Up The Most Of A Product

To the discerning, saying that ingredients is what makes a product is not just mere rhetoric but absolutely logical. Ingredients are like cells or the building blocks that are necessary to ensure that any given product delivers on its objective. Here at Truepure, we understood this fact and that is the very reason why we spend a lot of resources, through our research and development department, in making sure that each product that comes out of our production line is top notch, with proven evidence that it actually solves the problem it was created to alleviate. We are happy and proud to state categorically, that so far, we have been largely successful in achieving our set targets while efforts remain in top gear towards improving on our already high standards.   

We never compromise on quality, and we always go the extra mile in making sure that all our ingredients are not only of the best quality but also of the most benefit. Take for instance, our Argan Oil. Getting the major raw material needed in its production isn’t a tea party, as the Argan tree only grows in the South Western fringes of Morocco. That notwithstanding, we remain committed in sourcing for this rare oil that is famous for containing an abundance of antioxidants, vitamin A, C, E, and essential fatty acids. This magical oil has proved to be very effective in revitalizing hair, increasing its elasticity and equally giving it a glossy shine.

Caffeine Shampoo is another flagship product under the TruePure trademark. Just as the name implies, Caffeine Shampoo is made from the purest caffeine. Our R and D department developed the Caffeine Shampoo as a remedy to various hair issues. This amazing product helps in reinvigorating the scalp, strengthening hair roots from within, and also providing the energy required for the human hair to grow optimally. To corroborate this fact, the international Journal of Dermatology conclusively made it known that when caffeine is applied to the scalp, it blocks the effects of DHT; a notorious chemical that wrecks havoc on hair follicles. However, the reality is that all TruePure products actually contain this powerful ingredient in varying quantities—and that’s one of the secrets to our successes.

TruePure is driven by a genuine intention to help our numerous customers achieve 100% healthy and good looking long hair, and not necessarily to accumulate profit. Therefore, as a principle, we are totally against the use of sulfates or parabens as a formula in any of our products. Also, we abhor any form of animal cruelty, so we don’t test our products on animals. Our research and development department takes care of the ingredient selection process through rigorous and exhaustive testing, in order to ensure that we are using the best ingredients and formula in all our products.  

Below are some of the reasons why TruePure products are unique, safe and very effective

  • We make use of plant based formulas in developing TruePure products
  • Our formulas are color safe
  • We totally avoid the use of harsh chemicals

You can join our growing customer base today by ordering our complete regimen, that’s if you are not one already, and be rest assured getting results that will wow you.

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