How To Grow A Mermaid’s Hair

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How To Grow A Mermaid’s Hair

We are all familiar with the fabled mermaid’s look; the beautiful face, nice but half –fish, half-human body and above all a very long and glossy hair. We all grew up in awe of that humanoid fish not minding the fact that all of it was just conjectures and fictional stories.  Regardless of that, we can still grow that amazing mermaid hair that could get to our waist in all its shinning glory.

Almost every woman desires to have long and beautiful hair but sadly, not all knows how to go about it. Some have tried all they could; spent money, time, resources yet all efforts seemed to be in vain and they gave up out of frustration.   

The good news is that you can totally avoid such pitfalls and still achieve outstanding results—at least we are here to ensure that. 

We believe in long hairs that are gotten through natural means without any form of surgery. Therefore, fasten your seat belts and relax as I unravel to you ways through which you can grow your hair to unbelievable lengths.

  1. Patience! Patience!! Patience!!!

This word can never be over emphasized because for you to achieve that long, ass grazing hair, then you must be patient as you embark on this journey. Remember that old wise saying about the patient dog eating the fastest bone.    

Typically, the human hair grows slowly, considering the fact that a healthy hair grows at about half an inch in 30 days time. Such statistics isn’t all that impressive in my opinion, but with patience, you will be able to endure the long wait.

  1. Ensure you have a complete regimen of good hair products

This ought to have been at the top spot considering how vital it is. The type of hair regimen you use could make or mar the whole process! Therefore, you must endeavor to use the best hair regimen with proven track record of excellence if you are to achieve the desired result. On the face value, it may appear like a non issue but when you consider the plethora of hair regimens as well as sundry creams, Biotin Serum ,shampoos and oils adorning the shelves of our malls—all screaming about how they can do wonders to your hair, then you will understand the point I’m trying to make here. Sieving the wheat from the chaff could be problematic, but to save you the stress, I will recommend our own products (I’m not saying they are the only good ones available, of course there are several others too) like the TruePure Caffeine Shampoo, Argan Oil Conditioner, Biotin Serum etc.

  1. Get a professional

There is a caveat here; I’m not against a DIY approach especially if you can handle it like a Pro, but otherwise, you can simply use the services of a neighborhood saloon or even get a specialist and stick to a schedule on how they would work on your hair right there in the comfort of your home.     

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