Reasons Why You Have To Join The Beard Gang!

Posted by Kevin Lee on
Reasons Why You Have To Join The Beard Gang!

Right from the beginning of time, men have always liked the idea of keeping facial hairs across different cultures for various reasons. In fact, during the middle ages, beards were seen as a sign of prestige. Politicians and aristocrats alike wore it as a badge of honor including influential men like Abraham Lincoln, Sigmund Freud etc. Recently, the idea of keeping beards seems to be gaining ground once again as lots of men now see beards as fashionable. Unknown to many, there are diverse reasons why more men are now joining the beard gang, and we have decided to reveal it here and now!

  1. As a show of masculinity and strength

Although this may appear like an implied assumption, studies have shown that the male hormone called testosterone plays a role in the production of hairs in men. So, the more the testosterone you are pumping into your system, the more hairs you are likely to have. This is also the reason why women tend to be attracted to men with full beards; they feel more secured. If you’ve not been all that successful in getting your pick from the top of the food chain when it comes to women, maybe, now is the time to consider joining the beard gang! Therefore, growing full beards can give the impression that you are a real man.

  1. It makes you to stand out from the crowd

You could be in a group picture or in a crowded place and what will stand you out from the others will be your beard. Have you heard exclamations like “Hey, I’m referring to the big guy on the right with full beards…” Beards can make you unique and even popular. So, if you want to be a little more popular then that’s another reason to start growing your beards today.          

  1. It can give you an Aristocratic look

Have you ever wondered how Abraham Lincoln would have looked without his long beards? Well, this great man has one of the most identifiable and iconic looks ever, and it’s his beards that made it so.  His thick beards contributed in making his image stick in our memories even centuries after his death!          

  1. It can give you an air of mystery

Do you want people in your community to be wondering the kind of man you are? If that’s the sort of image you want, then you have to consider growing exceptional and unique beards which will go a long way in adding to your mysterious nature.         

  1. Growing beards is the way to go if you want to be a classic man

Do you like the way of life and outlook of men of the good oldies? Those times when could fight to death because of bruised ego or to defend their honor. The surest way to re-enact that character is to not just grow a beard but to grow it abundantly. Throw in some other costumes like bootleg pants, hats, pipe and brown rugged looking shoes, and boom you become a classic man.

Although, not everyone considers keeping beards as fashionable, as there are those who just don’t like it or couldn’t get it to grow naturally because their genetic make-up simply did not support it. But for those who don’t belong to this group, here are your reasons.                        

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