Shampooing Techniques For Thinning Hair

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Shampooing Techniques For Thinning Hair

Technique matters! Follow these shampooing pointers to help maintain your healthy hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

Rinse With Warm Water

The warm water is key since its temperature helps to open your pores, remove a natural oil from your scalp called sebum, and lift the dirt you collect throughout the day or night. Before applying any shampoo, always drench your hair first. No matter what you do, never hot water through your hair. Much like your skin after a long steamy shower, hot water dehydrates your hair. Once you’re done showering, finish with a few seconds under cold water. You’ll feel invigorated, and your hair will look visibly shinier!

Shampoo Only At The Scalp

Your hair at the scalp is the dirtiest and the oiliest area of your hair, and therefore requires more cleaning! Focus a small amount of gentle shampoo (think nickel amount) on your scalp, then let the product spread to the rest of your strands as you rinse it. The further away from your scalp, the older your hair is, the less oily, and the more likely it is to get damaged. Less product is more here!

Condition The Ends Exclusively

You now know that your scalp is likely to be the oiliest part of your skull; so you don’t need conditioner here, where the hair is naturally oiled by the sebum glands. Since the hair that’s furthest from your scalp is more likely to be dry, focus product here.

Select a conditioner that’s designed with stimulating ingredients like caffeine and argan oil. Leave the conditioner in your hair for 3-5 minutes so the product has an opportunity to absorb thoroughly. The longer you leave it in, the better for your ends.

Be Gentle

Vigorous scalp scrubbing can feel great, but it’s also likely to damage your hair’s cuticle. On top of that, it can be especially damaging to your ends, causing hair loss from both sides! Massage your scalp and hair gently, and remember that if you’re trying to preserve your hair, don’t scrub your scalp in circular motions, which is significantly more likely to leave tangles in longer locks.

Select a showerhead with pressure intensity levels, and opt for a gentle setting when rinsing. When you detangle, use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles on longer locks. Other brushes can pull your hair out or cause breakage.

Shampooing Daily Isn’t Always Necessary

Above all else, only wash your hair when it appears to truly need it! We recommend washing your hair 3-4 times weekly to ensure the natural oil from your scalp has an opportunity to reach ends. Keep the weather in mind! The cold, dry winter air may allow you to get a few more days out of a wash; and those experiencing hot and humid temperatures like our Miami temperatures typically require for more regular washing.


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