Condition & Chill: The Perfect Saturday Night Hair Regimen

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Condition & Chill: The Perfect Saturday Night Hair Regimen

Everyone experiences mild to moderate dry scalp at some point, but for some, it’s a chronic problem, especially as winter weather zaps moisture out of our hair and scalp. Thanks to the season change, cool temps can encourage a dry scalp or worsen an existing scalp condition. Fight flaky scalp skin this weekend!

We’ve compiled a treatment plan to put into place this weekend, in between reality show breaks:


Before you get started, determine if you have a dry scalp or dandruff by applying a light moisturizer to your scalp before you go to bed. If the cause is dry scalp, the flakes should have disappeared by your A.M. shower. Alternatively, ask your hair stylists for a hydrating scalp treatment. Its steam will push moisture into your scalp. If flakes persist, you’ll know dandruff could be the perpetrator.

If dry scalp is the cause, wash with a gentle shampoo and then use a moisturizing conditioner. As you wash, always remember to avoid hair products that contain harsh chemicals that can dry your skin, like bleach and alcohol. It’s also important to avoid oily hair products that can create a build up on your scalp, which damage locks.

For those with dandruff, spend a few extra minutes in the sun in between washings. Evidence suggests that ultraviolet light exposure can help control dandruff!

Mask & Massage

The key to properly shampooing a dry scalp is in the prep. Start your deep conditioning treatment by cleansing your hair with an at-home detox. Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar with water, spraying the solution onto the scalp, and waiting at least 15 minutes before rinsing.

Then massage your scalp with a soft pure boar bristle brush before washing to remove any buildup of oil, hair products and skin cells on your strands. Your pure boar bristle brush has bristles designed to lift away dirt and dust and distribute the natural oil from your scalp, making it a critical step before applying your mask!

You’ll also want to incorporate a treatment that will help to deeply moisturize your scalp and lock-in that natural moisture balance. We recommend using coconut oil or olive oil as a highly effective intense natural conditioner (this treatment includes both jojoba and coconut oil); either can be applied directly onto your dry scalp and hair. Top your head with a shower cap (your furniture will thank you!) and leave for a minimum of 45 minutes for a deep moisture mask.


If possible, sleep in it, then wake up to gorgeous locks tomorrow.


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