5 Indicators That Your Hair Is Healthy

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5 Indicators That Your Hair Is Healthy

Some individuals gauge the health of their hair based on its length whereas others consider volume and bounce to be the true parameters of good hair. In my view, although length and thickness are presumably the common indicators of good hair, there are five understated signs of your hair's health.


Shrinkage - It is probably the best health pointer of textured hair. It implies that the structure and strength of the hair remain in tip-top condition and is less prone to breakage. Naturally, healthy hair tends to shrink more due to the presence of moisture.


Normal Shedding - It is important to focus on the number of hair strands you see in the basin whenever you are combing or styling your hair. Losing a few strands of hair daily is a natural process but there is a point when you need to be worried about excessive hair fall. So, in case you notice only a few strands of hair in your comb or the basin, odds are your locks are in good shape.


According to the experts, whenever you tug your hair and it returns to its natural form, you can rest assured about your hair’s health. Breakage is a big sign of hair damage. It usually means that your hair has lost its natural ability to retain moisture and therefore, requires special attention. Products such as True Pure Caffeine Shampoo help you regain the elasticity of your hair by balancing protein using the power of natural ingredients.


Natural hair shouldn't be soaked in oils or serums to help it look lustrous. It has the innate ability to with sparkle with brilliance. Natural hair shine depends on the light bouncing off of the compacted hair cuticle. Sparkly hair will, in general, have low porosity and a better capacity to holds inner hydration. At the point when hair is brittle or harmed, the cuticle is lifted making the hair look drab.


Healthy Scalp – Absence of dandruff is a sign of great hair. Those troublesome white flakes are one of the most evident signs that you need to take special care of your scalp. A sound scalp ought to have more or less the same shade of your face with no signs of redness.

Besides the conspicuous signs of hair damage, the above-mentioned attributes will enable you to figure out what, precisely, is right or wrong with your locks.

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