5 Best Natural Tricks to Strengthen and Derive Glossy Hair

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5 Best Natural Tricks to Strengthen and Derive Glossy Hair

Your hair is one of the first things that people notice whenever you step into the public. While there are probably a hundred and one ways to improve hair texture, most of them aren’t suitable for busy professionals and leave adverse effects such as receding hair, scalp, burns and cramps on the hair.

Consequently, we have provided you with the five best tricks on how to strengthen hair naturally.

Wash your hair the right way

It's one of the most common mistakes, and one of the most costly. As a rule of thumb, you should always wait 72 hours before lathering your locks. During this time, your hair’s cuticle layer will have an opportunity to close, which locks in colour and extends the life of your new look. When you do shampoo, it’s incredibly important to wash with product that’s moisturizing and without sulfates and parabens.

Make use of moisturising masks

Moisturising masks are a goldmine in strengthening and keeping your hair shining. They come in different ingredient, but their application is a way similar. Some of the commonly used ingredients include honey, avocado and eggs. 

Irrespective of your preferred ingredient, a similar approach is used in making a moisturising mask. 

The goal is to blend the ingredients and apply it to the root to the tip of your hair. However, ensure that the hair is wet before application. 

Also, cover the hair 10 -15 minutes after applying the mask. Follow it up with shampoo conditioning and rinse the hair gently

Go for sulfate-free products

Sulfates are known to release carcinogenic nitrosamines that cause dryness and allergic reaction to the hair. Steer clear from products that contain sulfates. They can over-strip the oilskin and cause irritations, particularly in sensitive hair.

Thus, you should embrace plant-based hair products with natural ingredients such as caffeine and argan oil. And remember, they are best when free of sulfates!

Condition your hair the right way

Conditioners can strengthen and nourish your hair if used properly. They seal the hair cuticle and protect it against heat damage, preventing pollution as well. When conditioner sinks deeply into hair, it will nourish the hair fibre and improve the strength. However, a lot of people don’t understand the right way to use conditioners.

You should take note of the following

  • Don’t apply conditioners when your hair is sopping wet. Wring out excess water so there will be improved penetration.
  • Use the right amount required for your hair type, length and texture
  • Ensure that there is even distribution of the conditioner to every part of the hair.
  • Give your hair time to absorb the conditioner
  • Rinse until there is no more foaming and slippery

Natural is better and safer

Not only are synthetic hair products harmful to your hair, but they are also expensive. Shinny and spiked hair begin with the adoption of natural products in the treatment of hair. 

Regardless of the colour and texture, oil is a natural boost for hair. After treating your hair using any of the recommended methods, top it up with finishing oil. It will add prompt gloss to your hair, strengthen and protect it against dryness that can lead to hair loss and damages. Some of the best natural finishing oils for hair include Olive, coconut, almond, castor, jojoba and argan oil.


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