2 potentially harmful hair treatment ingredients you wont find in TruePure

Posted by Cyndi German on
2 potentially harmful hair treatment ingredients you wont find in TruePure

Since our founding, TruePure has been committed to products that sustain and improve hair growth quality with careful consideration behind each and every ingredient that goes into our formulas. Why? Because the right ingredients matter when addressing your hair’s health. Feeling comfortable and confident in the products you use each day starts with understanding what’s inside them.

Two controversial players in your beauty cabinet are parabens and sulfates: the long-established additives found in everything from your toothpaste and shampoo to your anti-aging cream. We work actively to keep them excluded from our ingredient list, but they’re probably in at least 1 product you use daily!

Here’s a look at the 2 potentially harmful hair treatment ingredients:

Depending on your hair growth, they might work well for you; parabens and sulfates help prevent bacteria growth, encourage shine and remove dirt and oil… But they can also cause allergies, irritation and unwanted product buildup. The Preservative Parabens are chemicals that have been used since the 1950s to prevent bacteria and act as a preservative in deodorants, lotions, lipsticks, shampoos, scrubs, and just about every other beauty product you own. Parabens are used as preservatives that fight bacteria and fungus, but studies have also shown that some parabens can mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen in the body’s cells. Some estrogenic activity is associated with certain forms of breast cancer, and parabens have been found present in breast tumors.

The Emulsifier Sulfates are cleansing and foaming agents that can be found in most drug store toothpaste, shampoo, and body washes, among other products. While they create that satisfying lather you expect when washing up, sulfates are also concerning because they’ve been found to break down proteins, which can lead to a degenerative effect on the cell membranes. While there’s no data that proves they’re unsafe, sulfates can leave residue in the heart, lungs, and brain. They have been proven to strip your hair of its natural oils, making your hair feel rough, dry, and brittle. Keep in mind, just because a product is sulfate-free, doesn’t mean you still won’t run into these problems. To ensure that sulfate-free products won’t further damage your hair, look for products that use fruit or vegetable-based cleansing ingredients.

TruePure Caffeine Shampoo strengthens the hair follicle by reducing the effects of DHT (a hormone that promotes hair loss). Made without sulfates and parabens, it reinvigorates the scalp, strengthen hair roots from within, and provides the energy needed for hair growth without the chemical concerns. Instead, expect ingredients like organic aloe leaf juice, red clovers, and sage.

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