5 No Heat Hairstyles To Try This Winter

Posted by Cyndi German on
5 No Heat Hairstyles To Try This Winter

It’s tough to not feel confident with a well-groomed hairstyle, but with busy lives, it’s tough to maintain styles without making hair health compromises along the way. The damage on hair caused by cold-weather conditions makes it particularly important to avoid extensive heat.

The products you use make a big difference (we opt for reinvigorating caffeine formulas!), but so do your regular hairstyles.

Spare your locks by incorporating these 5 super easy no heat styles into your hair routine:

Half Up Bun

This style is perfect for days when you’re rocking second or third-day hair. Just spray dry shampoo from root to ends for volume, making a point to gently massage product into scalp to hiding greasy roots. Pull the top half of your hair back like you’re forming a ponytail, then pin into a messy bun by twisting hair like you’re tying a knot. Pull a few strands out of the bun that frame your face and you’ll be out the door looking Miami-ready in minutes.

Head Scarf

For days when even dry shampoo doesn’t feel like it’s enough, keep a few hair accessories on hand. Collecting headscarves gives you a stylish, creative option to disguise the mess. Fold it into a skinny tie to wear as a headband, or fold into a triangle to disguise the entire head of hair altogether. Keep it extra playful by pulling a few framing pieces out near your face!

Braid Half Updo

Most of the time a half updo can solve a lot of my hair problems. It’s always the top layer of my hair that gets frizzy and or greasy (curly hair problems right here!), so being able to pull it back gives me a fresh feel and another day out of my unwashed hair. This style doesn’t require any fancy braids, just a regular braid on each side of your face. Wrap them around to the back and secure with bobby pins and you’re ready to go!

Headband Updo

If you were digging the look that it had while achieving the No Heat Curls style above, then this is your next ‘do! Take a cute headband and then wrap the rest of your hair up and around the headband to create a sleep and elegant updo, or pull out some loose pieces of hair for a messy, yet pulled together look. This is a great style for the summer because it keeps all the hair off your neck, without sacrificing style.

Beach Waves

This one could be the easiest style on our list! Pin twisted, damp ponytails up in the form of milkmaid braids overnight (be sure to use a silk pillowcase to reduce hair frizz and breaking as you toss & turn). To form the braids, part slightly damp hair into two sections (right and left) and start twisting from the root to all the way to the end of your hair.  Using a bobby pin, pin the end of both twisted sections to the crown of your head.


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