3 Styling Tips For Men With Fine Hair

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3 Styling Tips For Men With Fine Hair

Getting To Know Your Fine Hair

First thing’s first, having fine hair doesn’t make you more likely to bald, nor does it mean that your hair is thinning! Instead, fine hair is simply a marker of hair with a small diameter. Whether or not you have thin or thick hair is completely unrelated to balding.

Fine Vs. Thinning Hair

While fine hair simply has a small diameter, thinning hair is related to the number of hairs on your head. A healthy scalp has over 100k hairs on its surface, but this number decreases once hair thinning begins.


At The Barber: Styling Fine Hair

A general rule of thumb? Achieve a thicker, fuller look by keeping your hairstyle short and tight. Ask your barber to give you a contrast between your back and sides: opting for a short back and sides with a long top. This steers attention towards the great hair you do have.

A cult-favorite? The “classic undercut”.


Be sure to mention avoiding thinning scissors, as they do just that! These sheers are designed for men with thicker, fuller hair, and they’re great for giving them body & definition. For those with finer strands, they’ll actually make your scalp more noticeable.

Opt for the back and sides cut bi-weekly, with the top cut every 4 to 6 weeks. This approach will help to maintain the shape of your cut without taking off “too much too fast”, keep your Do looking thick and full.


At Home: Using Product

There’s a method to the madness. Think Shampoo > Blow Dry > Product. In any regimen designed for those with fine or thinning hair, product selection is key.

Your Ideal Shampoo / Dry Routine

Shampoo once every 2-3 days. On “off” days, use dry shampoo to absorb oils. Apply a small amount to your hair strands, then brush out product.

Give it more oomph and volume by using a combo to direct hair upwards while blow drying; rough it up with your fingers and give it some movement. Allowing your hair to air dry will only leave it looking flat!

Choosing & Applying Product

Whether hair is wet or dry, there’s only one way to apply the product. Warm a dime-sized amount in your hands, then work it in from roots. Focus on products that are lightweight and come with a matte finish.

Prep & Style

Start by nourishing strands with a nutrient-rich, lightweight biotin treatment.  It’s rich in vitamin B7, which helps boost your hair’s volume and thickness as it grows.

Follow up with a prep treatment like a thickening tonic, mousse, or grooming cream to give your hair an instant boost. The product will clamp on to the hair to make it appear fuller.


  • Pastes, waxes, mousse, and clays, work best in dry hair.
  • Creams work best in slightly damp (towel dried) hair.


Always avoid hair gels, since they’ll clumb hair and make the scalp more visible!



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